Arizona Charges of Burglary

When most of us think of burglary, we picture a masked man breaking into a locked house while we sleep and making off with our valuables. But while that is definitely one kind of Phoenix burglary, did you know that the state of Arizona actually recognizes three different degrees of burglary? Or that someone can be charged with burglary even if they don’t actually steal anything? Despite the seemingly wide range of possible acts that can be charged as burglary, the charges themselves are fairly narrow – they are all felonies, and they are all serious, with the possibility of fines, prison, and restitution to the victim among other penalties. If you or a family member is arrested and charged with burglary in Arizona, don’t play games with your future by trying to go it alone – get an experienced Phoenix burglary attorney fighting for your rights as soon as possible.

How the State of Arizona Defines Burglary

The Arizona definition of burglary, in its simplest form, is entering the property of another person when you intend to commit theft or any other kind of felony while on that property. What does that definition tell us? First off, that burglary isn’t necessarily about stealing. Theft can be related to burglary, but it isn’t a requirement – even the intention of committing theft. And that brings us to the second thing this tells us, which is that you don’t technically have to do anything to be charged with burglary other than enter someone’s property.

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