Arizona man gets almost a year in jail for domestic assault, traumatizing 16 month old baby

An Arizona man has been sentenced to nearly a year in prison for misdemeanor counts of domestic assault and child abuse. The man, who skipped out on probation and moved to Lincoln with his girlfriend and her 16-month-old baby, attacked the mother while the child cried and watched, according to reports.

Lancaster County Judge, Gale Pokorny, wrote in his sentencing order that the real tragedy is trauma the child suffered when Troy L. Chadwick attacked her 19-year-old mother.

According to court documents, Chadwick, on Feb. 28, assumed his girlfriend of several months was talking on the phone to another man after overhearing her giggling into the cell phone.

According to reports and court documents, the man punched holes in walls, turned over furniture in the apartment and pushed the woman into a wall hard enough to cause a hole, as the child watched. He then knocked her to the ground and punched her repeatedly in the face and stomach.

“All of the serious studies and literature available dealing with domestic violence conclude that children forever learn how to react to the stress and adversity in their own later relationships by watching, learning and imitating the only ‘parental role models’ they have in their limited world,

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