Charges for Disorderly Conduct in Arizona

What exactly does disorderly conduct mean? Let’s say you and your buddies go out to watch the big game. You have a few beers, emotions are running high, and when your team finally wins, you’re ecstatic on the way home, yelling in celebration out of the car window. Or you have a blow-out party in your suburban neighborhood. The music is still cranked at 3am, and your neighbors get annoyed and call the cops. Or you and your significant other really get into it one morning at the coffee shop. All the things you’ve been holding back for months come out, and you find yourselves screaming at each other while a crowd of people looks on. Then, in the middle of excitement, fun, or fury, a police officer approaches you and tells you he or she is arresting you. For what? Disorderly conduct – because you were disturbing the peace.

As you can see, Arizona’s disorderly conduct law is sort of a catch-all for any kind of behavior that a law enforcement officer deems to be inappropriate in a public place that isn’t covered by some other law. As such, these kinds of charges are seen to be objective and can be fought – as long as you have someone on your side who understands Arizona’s disorderly conduct law and how best to argue against it. Someone like an experienced Phoenix criminal attorney.

Reasons for an Arizona Disorderly Conduct Charge

As stated above, the disorderly conduct law in Arizona can be levied against someone for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes, a police officer might decide to charge you with it simply because you are being loud and obnoxious to them, and because the law is so vague, that doesn’t necessarily make it an invalid charge.

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