Class 4 Felony, Aggravated DUI

What Happens If Someone’s License WasSuspended, But Not For A Previous DUI?

It still counts as a suspended license under Arizona law. So, if someone gets a DUIwhile their license is suspended for any reason, the state will be able to charge the person with an aggravated DUI class 4 felony. People should be aware that it will be a felony if they are charged with that, even if it was their first offense. If they were convicted, they could be facing up to 4 months in prison as part of their probation.

Is It Hopeless, Or Can An Attorney Help Someone With A Class 4 Felony Aggravated DUI?

No, it is not hopeless at all. The attorney willdo an investigation to discover whether or not there was reasonable suspicion for the stop and probable cause for an arrest. The attorney would then investigate and challenge the field sobriety tests, the blood or breath results, whether or not the instrument or the chromatographs were correct and whether everything was working properly.

In addition, the state would need to prove that the person knew, or should have known, that their license was suspended, cancelled or revoked. One of the best defenses on an aggravated DUI isto show that the person did not know their license was suspended. There are a lot of different ways to fight these cases and an attorney can do that for you.

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