Domestic Violence

Do Police Officers Always Have To Make An Arrest During A Domestic Violence Call?

Technically they do not have to, although they usually do make an arrest. Domestic violence calls usually happen between couples, married or unmarried, and sometimes with children. When the police show up, their fear is that somebody involved could be a danger to the other person or to themselves.

Often it is just a couple arguing about things as simple as money, or they might be having marital issues. There are a lotof different reasons and not all of these calls are violent in nature. But the police will still usually make an arrest because they don’t want to risk leaving the house and have the situation escalate.

We often see an officer make the arrest or force someone to leave the homeon a domestic violence call out.

Do The Police Officers Question Any Children In The House?

This is possible, although it will dependon whether they have been given permission by the parent, and also on the age of the child and the child’s ability to answer questions and give an accurate depiction of what happened. I have seen cases where the police officers did interview the children in the house.

Do Police Officers Treat Calls Differently Between Men And Women?

I am sure that is possible, although usually when they go out there, they find out what is happening and then make an arrest, or make someone leave the home. Without an officer saying it, they mightbe thinking there is a difference if someoneis claiming abuse or physical violence, if one party was a man and the other was a woman, but there are no bright line rules and I do not think that any police policies internally look at it differently. There could be a correlation between the two in real life and how it affects those arrests, but I do not know about any evidence regarding this.

What Happens In A Situation Where The Neighbor Called Just To Complain?

It really is just the same. The police come to the house, go to the source of the call and get some information and then go to the subject of the investigation’s house, knock on the door, ask questions and find out what is going on. They usually ask all the parties in the house what they have witnessed and go from there. Having a neighbor call in does not really change much other than adding a potential witness. Sometimes, cases where neighbors get involved can help a client because it addsmore information thanthat provided by just the couple who were fighting. On the other hand, it can sometimes hurt the client.

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