DUI Cases

Would The Attorney Know How A DUI Case WillPlay Out?

It’s possible, but they would not be able to predict an outcome in most cases. It would be hard for an attorney to know exactly what will happen until they have done a full investigation of the case and found its strengths and weaknesses.

The attorney will know the process and procedure to go through ahead of time in terms of going to court and dealing with prosecutors investigating the case, but they need to do more work before they can predict the actual outcome of the case.

Is It Possible To Pass The Standardized Field Sobriety Tests?

Yes. It is possible to pass the tests if the police officer administers them honestly, and the person followsdirections and does them perfectly. At the same time, the tests are very subjective and the reason most people seem to fail is because the person administering the test was either doing it wrong or they assumed that the person was already impaired.

Would Probation More Than Likely Happen With Every DUI Case?

Unsupervised probations would be possible on every case, but not supervised probation.

Would The Case Be Easier If Someone Got A DUI With Prescription Medication?

That depends. If the person had valid prescription medication and was able to showthose to the prosecutor, and also show that the drugs were being taken as prescribed, it’s possible that could be helpful.

On the other hand, prescription drugs can also make the case more difficult. Prosecutors have become increasingly aggressive regarding people driving under the influence of prescription drugs. So these cases can actually be verydifficult. We can show that the person was doing exactly everything their doctor told them to do, but the state will still want to prosecute them for DUI.

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