Getting Arrested For Domestic Violence

What Do People Do Or Say To Make Their Case Worse When They Are Arrested For Domestic Violence?

Almost everything coming out of the person’s mouth can make it worse. The person being investigated by the police needsto exercise their right to remain silent. They should not answer any questions. They should politely tell the police that they would like to speak to an attorney before they go any farther into the investigation.

The sky is the limit in terms of things people can say that will hurt their case. There have been cases where people admitted to their crimes,or they admitted to too many things and that ultimately hurt their case. People need to realize that they are constantly under investigation while the police are speaking with them.

What Happens If The Officer Does Not Read The Miranda Rights For A Domestic Violence Case?

There might be a potential issue in the state’s case if the person was not read their Miranda Rights, and this is something that a good attorney would have to investigate. The Miranda Rights do not apply to physical evidence; they only apply to verbal evidence. Depending on the facts and the situation, we would need to investigate whether or not a violation of Miranda Rights created an illegal confession, or something of that nature. That is something a good attorney willlook for.

What Happens If The Person FeelsThey AreInnocent And The Whole Thing Was Just A Misunderstanding?

In this case the person would need to hire a lawyer because someone who was not represented would not understand the system or the courts, and that would make it very difficult for them to convey their message to the prosecutor and be heard. They need someone on their side representing them who will fight the case for them. An innocent person should not take any pleas; they should go to trial.

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