How Hard Is It To Get Diversion Options?

Would Someone Qualify For Diversion Options If It Was Their Second DUI After 15 Years?

There are no diversion programs for DUIs in Arizona, although other states do have them.

If someone has a previous DUI that is older than 7 years, and they get a new one in Arizona, the good news is that the old DUI would not be counted as a prior for sentencing purposes. It might be used to show that the person has done this before, but they wouldn’t be able to treat the person as a second time DUI offender.

How Long Do Diversion Programs Typically Take?

Diversion programs are all different. There are domestic violence diversions, which can be 26 or 52 weeks. Alcohol diversion programs last around 16 hours, and anger management programs are 8-hours. There is not a one-size-fits all, and it all depends on the offense.

Would The Person Need To Worry About Any Additional Fees?

All diversion programs have fees associated with them. The cost for each is different and depends on the length and depth of the program.

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