Plea Bargains In The State Of Arizona.

What Are Some Examples Of Pleas And How Long Does It Take To Decide To Negotiate A Plea?

A plea can take as little as 10 minutes to negotiate, or it cantake months and months to negotiate. Every case is different, and the more complex the case, the longer the negotiations.

The state will usually makea plea offer fairly quickly, but the process might drag on depending on the case and the amount of work that needsto be done by the defense lawyer. Negotiations should not be started until the strength of the case is determined. Plea negotiations are something that can be short, but they can also be exhausting and take a long time. How long they take should not matter. It’s about whether or not the state hasa strong case and whether the defense attorney hasgood arguments in their client’s defense that can be used to leverage a good plea offer.

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