TASC Program

Does TASC Impose Additional Fees That Someone Should Be Aware Of?

Someone who is accepted into the TASC program needs to be aware that TASC has some very high fines and fees. These fees include the person’s drug tests, counseling fees and monthly fees similar to probation fees. TASC fees are expensive, so when someone first enters the TASC program, their TASC representativeshould explain all the costs associated.

The fees go up depending on why the person is in the TASC program. The least expensive program would be the marijuana TASC. From there it gets more expensive with other drugs.

How Is Someone Contacted For Random Drug Screenings?

The person is assigned a color when they first sign up at the TASC. They are given a phone number to call in everyday,and a computer generated program randomly picks a color. If the person’s color is named, they have to go to TASC and complete their analysis. They will be thrown out of TASC if they testpositive for illegal drugs. They can also be thrown out if they do not show up for the TASC, so they it’s important that they call in every single day to find out if their color was drawn.

What Will Happen If Someone Is Running Late Or Is Not Able To Make It?

In this case, the person mustcall their TASC representative and explain why they were late or not able to make it. The person can leave a message,but they should also try not to run late or miss any calls or appointments.

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