Client Testimonials

“Michael is the best. Got my case dismissed while other lawyers told me I would probably end up doing classes and pay fines. He got the job done and knows his way around the judicial system. Thanks Michael for representing me.” – Josh

“When I got my DUI, I was terrified. I felt like my life was over, literally. I had no idea what to do, what was going to happen, how bad was it going to be. I was FREAKED out. I called Michael sobbing and scared. He took the time to answer all of my questions over the phone before I even officially hired him. He met with me right away, explained all of the potential outcomes, and told me exactly what to do, when and how to do it. He handled EVERYTHING and took all of the stress and worry off of my shoulders. He is professional, compassionate and truly invests his time and effort into helping people. (I caught a peek at my “file”. There were pages and pages of work he had been doing on my behalf.) His assistant, Anna, is also very friendly, easy to talk to, professional, and responsive.

ALL of my friends (whether or not I asked them for advice) told me not to hire a lawyer, that it was a waste of money. Well, I am SO GLAD I HIRED HIM. The peace of mind and relief of stress ALONE was worth every penny. But more importantly, my case was resolved with the BEST CASE SCENARIO and it’s ALL thanks to Michael. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome, and thanks to Michael, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.” – Callie

“I was referred to Mike by another Lawyer that retiring.

Mike spent an hour or two with me discussing the MVD and Legal sides of a DUI in AZ… He let me know what to anticipate and what my obligations would be during the process. I felt like I was hiring a very knowledgeable and thorough Lawyer.

Mike got my case dismissed with prejudice after 2 months because the DA failed to deliver any file and/or discovery.

But 6 months later, the DA re-filed the case.

This time Mike and his Team were prepared to defend the case and kept asking for blood samples so that we could run our own tests. After 45 days or so, the DA came back to us and admitted that the blood samples had been thrown away when the case was originally dismissed several months earlier. THEY were going to proceed without even giving me a chance to run my own tests… and Mike kept pressing them until they had to fess-up.

I think Mike’s diligence, knowledge, and thorough attention to detail is the reason why this case was dismissed – completely – once and for all.

No Tent City!
No Breathing Machine in the car!!
No Fines!
No lesser charges!
No Problem referring Mike Munoz to anyone that needs representation!!

Thanks Mike and Anna!!”– Dave In Cave Creek AZ

“Multiple counts falsely placed against me by a high conflict parent. Mr. Munoz performed his diligence and performed as expected.

No nonsense approach to finding resolution.
Assisted with payment plan that was realistic
A true professional”A Criminal Defense Client

“I came to Mr. Munoz with a felony DUI charge. The charge was completely unconstitutional and the odds were against me in every judicial way. I was frantically stressed out about the situation but Mike calmly broke down the process to me in simple terms. He emphasized the importance that all citizens have rights under our constitution. There was no sugar coating the repercussions of my actions. There were two options, “time in prison or dismissal.” His enthusiasm and positive reinforcement gave me faith when all hope was lost. Mike is a true inspiration and I would recommend him to anyone. I know if I ever get in any legal trouble – I have Mike on speed dial.

Mike and Danielle did their diligence and answered all my questions through the entire process. As a result of their legal experiences, my case was “DISMISSED”! Thank you for my freedom and proof that the system does work. You are an amazing law firm and I am a huge advocate of Mr. Munoz; not only as a lawyer but as an upstanding moral individual!!!

Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second. Give your dreams all you’ve got and you’ll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you.
– William James

The man knows what he is talking about: Follow all of his DUI Mike’s Top 10 DUI Tips” – A DUI Client

“Hiring Munoz Law Office was the best choice I ever made! Michael went to great lengths to get the best results for my case and I could not be happier. Thank you to Michael and the helpful staff at Munoz Law Office.” – K. – 4/26/11

“I am glad I hired attorney Michael Munoz, what I liked most is his personal attention. He is always available when you have a question and he is honest. He always tell you the truth and he really cares about you. He fought hard for me and was able to get my charge dismissed so I could plea to a speeding ticket only. Michael’s fees were reasonable and I would Highly recommend.” – Sincerely N. Barrera – 3/4/11

Munoz Law Office Provides Excellent Services

This year the unimaginable happened to me and I was in need of a Lawyer. I was stressed out and felt helpless. The courtroom was a foreign place to me. I knew that I needed somebody to help me, who knows the law and has experience. That’s when I heard about Mr. Munoz from the Munoz Law Office. In talking with Mr. Munoz he immediately put my mind at ease. He was so easy to talk to and highly knowledgeable about the situation I was in. Talk about refreshing!! Mr. Munoz was professional and took my case without hesitating. I felt relaxed in the courtroom with Mr. Munoz at my side, representing myself and my case. His kindness and friendliness made him well liked among those having to deal with him. He is confident yet not arrogant and genuinely loves what he does. Mr. Munoz also knows many of the prosecutors and has an outstanding reputation with them. In fact he ran in a recent election for Justice of the Peace, running the closest race, his opponent winning by a small percentage. A campaign, a new father to a beautiful son, still Mr. Munoz made time to fight my case. Mr. Munoz fought long and hard in order to get the outcome we wanted. He listened and he conquered!! I can now fulfill my career goal in becoming a successful nurse and can put the past behind me. Thanks again Mr. David Michael Munoz, you truly are the BEST!!

Your (non-criminal) client,

P.S. I was freed from a Domestic Violence charge that could have been detrimental to myself and my career.”   11/11/10

“Mr. Munoz,
I am writing to express my sincere thanks for your legal services in handling my son’s drug charges.  Having never experienced any kind of criminal charges in my family or extended family I was quite naive about the criminal justice system, all I knew was what I had seen on television.  We initially thought that a court appointed attorney would be able to help him resolve the charges against him but as things became more complicated it was evident that he was not going to get the individualized attention that his case required.  Your attention to all the details, excellent advice and assistance in navigating this very difficult and precarious court system was invaluable.  I also wanted to thank you for your sincere belief in my son’s recovery, your honest advice, positive outlook and your diligence in pursuing the best possible outcome for him.   I truly believe that without your help he would not have the second chance he has today. Thank you” – RD – 6/21/11

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