What Would Happen In A Bar Or Club Fight Where A Person Is Accused Of Attacking Someone Or Assaulting Someone?

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The first thing would be to start our own investigation to know if there was surveillance, who the witnesses are, whether or not people were consuming alcohol, who was impaired and who wasn’t, what the motivations were behind the fight and were they people who knew each other or strangers, because there are a lot of different factors that go into investigating those cases and those factors are put together to create a strategy for defense.

Could A Recording From Someone’s Phone Be Used As Evidence As Well?

It could be used. There have been cases from bar fights where video cameras were involved or people were recording from their phones so sometimes it can be good evidence but sometimes it can be bad.

What Are Some Penalties If It Is Just A Fistfight That Happened In A Bar?

It depends on whether or not someone was injured. It could be a felony and a person could be looking at prison time if someone has a serious physical injury. It could be a misdemeanor and a whole different scenario if someone gets a minor injury. It really depends on how badly somebody is injured, whether or not a weapon was used and whether or not somebody was restrained, so the severity of the charge becomes fact intensive.

Does It Go Back To Self-Defense Where Someone Says That The Other Person Started It?

Whether or not the other person started it will be a question of fact. Officers do an initial investigation and will arrest the person whether or not he believes the person did not start it, and let everyone else figure it out after the fact.

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